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A Portable Hunting Stand and Hunting Supplies for Serious Hunters


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ATV, Portable Hunting Blind



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Benefits to Hunters
Choose our mobile hunting stand, which only weighs 46 lbs.and has three drop down stabilizing legs for support as well as the weight of your ATV as a solid base. Our Tripod mounts directly on your ATV, allowing you mobility as you track your prey.

With its ground to seat level of 9 feet, it raises your eye site up to 12 feet off the ground for more visability and hunting coverage. The basket dimensions are 40" X 36". Each stand is made of strong lightweight aluminum and easy enough for one person to operate. 

  Check with your states laws to see if   the Ride-N-Hide is acceptable for use.

Call (713) 909-9850 now to be sure that the Ride-N-Hide portable
hunting blind will fit your ATV.

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Hunting Versatility

Go on the hunt for your favorite quarry with a revolutionary product from Double Barrel Outdoor Products LLC. We specialize in a portable hunting stand called the Ride-N-Hide that is like no other product on the market. With the Ride-N-Hide, you're able to easily move locations to fit the game movement patterns. Different scenery can make for an exciting hunt. Make your buddies envious by having the first stand of this kind on your property or lease. Contact us at (713) 909-9850 in Corpus Christi and Rosenberg, Texas, for a portable hunting stand and hunting supplies that help you find your target.

Portable Tripod Hunting Blind
At Double Barrel Outdoor Products LLC, we have more than 50 years of hunting experience. Half your property or lease is not hunted because of where you put permanent blinds.The Ride-N-Hide puts you where the animals cross. It is made of lightweight aluminum, portable, and strong, allowing for hunting almost anywhere your ATV can go. Additionally, it attaches to front and rear ATV racks and is easily mounted and removed. The Ride-N-Hide's versatility allows you to quickly remove from your ATV for normal riding and scouting.  Try our Patent Pending, TM, Ride-N-Hide Hunting Stand today.

When purchasing please make sure the shipping fits your order. Any netting ordered with a stand will be placed in Stand box. Hit the drop down arrow for choices. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hunting Accessories


      • Camouflage Netting—
Camouflages the seat basket and ATV.
      • Corner Mounts—These items are great for holding accessories such as
         shells, beverages, and binoculars. One included with order.

  • Game Camera Tree Attachment - 2 for $10     


Double Barrel Outdoor Products LLC has your hunting needs covered. Make your hunting trip worth while; ask about our referral program.

Call us at (713) 909-9850 with your hunting equipment queries.